Chan Chan… maybe you too?

June 28th, 2013 Posted by Express yourself
He smiled serenely …despite the loud embarking buzz…
…well folded in his chair, like a huge marionette, with interminable arms and legs flexed in relaxed tension,  ready to spread out in a pirouette at any time… 
Almost sure he was the only one in the plane to believe the flight from Panama city to London will take only four hours…but he seemed so convinced, that I felt into believing him for a second ..
It’s logical: if from Cuba to Panama City it was a few hours flight, from Panama City to London should not take much longer, right? I could not agree more…it really shouldn’t take much longer! Actually, all flights should not last longer than a melody…and people should be able to dance on corridors, if they wish so…
“..because, you see, he explains, everyone dances in Cuba. All the time! Everywhere! On the streets, in the bars, in the houses, by the sea… Kids, men, women, oldies and youngsters. Maybe even cats!
“And when I say everyone, it is EVERYONE!” he carries on with a salsa inflection in his voice…”I was surprised, last evening at 4am, when my relatives decided to go to sleep..I told them, let’s dance..the night is still young…” Of course, it made even more sense..
“…but I’m not sure I got all those “movimientos” right”, I whisper…as a counterpoint to embracing that dancing universe.
“Nooooo nooooo he argues. You do! It’s simple! You can dance! Everyone can! Chan chan..
They ask me to teach them, when I am in Spain…I’m invited to so many parties, and we dance. I can even salsa four ladies in the same time…people wonder, but it’s simple..”
He get’s closer to me..
and whispers secretively…”actually the secret is vibration!’
Aha….round eyes and suspended comment..
“Yes, yes the vibration. Music is vibration. Or else, how could you explain that death people can dance ?”
Ahhhaaa….rounder eyes..
“Yes, cause you’s simple. You ground yourself well…start the music…just like that, by yourself, in your room.. your feet well connected to the ground and you start feeling the vibrations …The sound is transmitted to the soil.
At first, just the vibrations, and then.. start moving your feet…one two three, one two three…you’ll see the rhythm will fill your body, and soon it will be animating it..and you’ll be dancing as there is no tomorrow..”.
Ahhhaaa. No tomorrow. Just now. Chan chan.